WP6. Information & Communication Services

Deliv. No Deliverable Title Partner No Partner's Contribution to Deliverable
6.1.1 Accessibility Information System Requirements LP The role of information system in transport  is important from the point of view of the quality of service for travellers. Systems requiremnets will be implemented taking into account the fact all issues concernig passenger's movement
6.1.2 Accessibility Information System Development LP By the development of IS the passenger terminals can offer integration of the functions of the service provider (terminal, transportation company) including planning, managing and controlling of the whole complex of transportations
6.1.3 Accessibility Information System Evaluation and Implementation  LP The evaluation of the system will implemented in order to support Project Activities during project phase
6.1.4 Information provision, through a variety of formats (visual, audible, tactile, with induction loop systems to accommodate hearing aid users) public address systems, queuing systems P2 Accurate and detailed information enables independent travel and reduces reliance on staff and on other passengers. It also increases passengers' safety by reducing the risk of incidents occurring
6.1.5 Providing training for personnel on e-security issues penetration on sensitive security communication and  information system based on ISPS code P2 Operators should take specific steps to raise awareness of disability and equality issues among all employees. Training should communicate service standards and equip employees to achieve them