Preparatory activities, administrative activities undetaken etc.

Before the project is submitted the overall lead partner come in contact with the Port of Patras and Port of Brindisi, expressed its idea and set the objectives, described the potential results and concluded to the final proposal.During this time, preparatory activities took place such as travelling and skype meetings between the partners.It is common remark that partners cooperated very well with each other since they have been participated in common porject several years ago.It worths also mentioning that the project idea had initially developed by the overall lead partner,however,in the meantime needs presented by the other partners slightly changed the proposal adding some more deliverables, customizing some others etc.

Therefore, the aim is to modernize and develop infrastructure and equipment, investment in innovation and human capital, but also to upgrade the internal organization and operation of ports facilities, particularly for the Port Authorities who made significant administrative and organizational changes for the Strategic and Business Plans.All joint partners will significally proceed on conducting a pre-mature research, conserning all passengers plan along with the implementation of the Port Facility plan in order to collect and assess information with regard of accessibility and convenience for those embarking and disembarking.The purpose to be significaly undertaken by all partners in this preparatory activity is to analyze the characteristics of the port operation and guidelines and port policies set forth by the EU and propose new innovative ideas on Improving Accessibility and sustainable network for port facilities.