Lead Partner and Partners Competence (Experience, Structure, Personnel, Resources, etc.)

LP is the main port of Kerkira's Island and it is among the ports of international importance,with special emphasis on strengthening the development of tourism and commerce in the island of Corfu. LP in addition to its passenger and commercial operation, has a very important tourist operation. Also serves the ship lines between Corfu–Italy and Corfu–Saranda. The dynamic development of the Port of Corfu is closely related to the future development tendencies of the wider area.The Port of Corfu SA is the operator of all port activities and was established in 27/6/2001. It has a total of 10 staff. The organizational structure consists of: Board-President, Managing Director, Manager, Managing Board. Patras Port Authority SA is the most important Organization of Public interest and the most growth developing in the region, playing a major role in both economically and social level in western Greece.

In a general economic crisis environment that has clearly affected the sector of maritime transportation, it is essential for the port of Patras to show a new growth model in order to meet modern requirements and intensifying competition. In this context, the openness of OLPA SA and active participation in international affairs reflects to the strategic choice of management. Patras Port Authority is consisted by 51 employees (9 of higher education, 6 of compulsory education, 30 of secondary education, 5 of technical education and 1 legal counsel) and managed by it President and Managing Director. Brindisi Port Authority is a body governed by public law. It’s a local institution of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport which manages port activities, operations and traffics, both of passengers and goods, as well as the port areas which can be given under concession to private parties in order to set their business in the port. It has 28 employees.

All partnes have participated in various EU Programmes and have experience personnel to implement new and innovative projects. The Communication Plan for Patras Port Authority concerning “Greece-Italy” (Programme 2007-2013) sets out the strategic guidelines for the information and publicity measures that will ensure a good knowledge about the PP2 and the contribution of the European Union to the development of the transportation and accessibility acts along with all target groups concerned Good communication is crucial for technical assistance and programme implementation. Moreover, Partners participate actively in all international activities and Organizations such as ESPO (European Union Ports), MedCruise (Mediterranean Cruise Ports Association), etc. in an effort to enhance their competitiveness in transnational projects and EU Initiatives.

Project Management & Coordination (structures, decision making procedures, internal communication, etc)

Steering Committee consists of each partner director having the overall responsibility of the project Project Team with responsibility on issues concerning the project implementation with members persons who have relevant experience in similar projects and combine academic and vocational training relevant to the needs of this project. The members of this team consist of:

  1. The Project Team Leader who is a senior member of the staff of the LP having the overall responsibility for the execution of the project
  2. The Project Team members for project implementation coming from the rest partners
  3. Special Teams with technical or scientific expertise for specific tasks

The Coordination for the overall tasks has Steering Committee, while the Project Team Leader has the responsibility for solving issues and problems related on the project.

For a decision making structure and a day to day management a Communication System has to be setup to ensure smooth communication and cooperation between different levels and systems. This connection of the Communication System is achieved by the movement of suitable material (minutes,presentations, reports, databases), and organizing various conferences and meetings (regular, charter, management accounts, etc.).As for the various conferences and meetings are divided into the following cases:

  • Monthly Meeting (monitoring progress, address new issues, assess progress of actions and activities, etc.)
  • Special Meeting, where and when required to directly address and resolve issues

The Financial management refers to the process of public procurement according to Greek & Italian low, cross-checking for expenditures and invoicing and the suppliers payments.