Information and Publicity measures - external communication of project outputs, results etc.

Identification of a common institutional communication plan, shared among partners, and preparation of a project coordinated image, taking into consideration the EU rules of publicity for financed projects. The communication strategy of this project consists of the following activities:

  • Website-forum development. It is the main project dissemination tool. It is planned to include full project description, goals, news, results achieved, forum (qustions & answers)
  • The printed leaflets are part of Dissemination activities of the project that intent to communicate, educate and stimulate stakeholders, locals, young people and visitors around sustainable tourism issues and related activities taken on by the partners. Leaflets will be translated, reproduced and printed according to JTS guidelines
  • Conferences is part of information and publicity. They play great role to communicate deeper the results, so far, of the project. It is also a way to exchange information and interact with the stakeholders, local people in a more immediate manner
  • Workshops will be conducted while the project life.The partners will be responsible for the proper preparation and organization of this event. The agenda of the workshops will cover topics such as the interim and final results of the project focusing on their special issues, the activities that have been implemented, and the effects to stakeholders and the local community.Taking into consideration the results and objectives achieved, both partners will exhange experience, transfer of knowledge and practising policies and stategies